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Liz Lees - Paint                     

One person’s look at life through visual images.

Every picture has a story.


People Pictures and Textured Oil Paintings


Liz has been drawing and painting all her life. Her first work to be noticed were the little houses she drew on the wall beside her bed in a hotel while the family were on holiday.

Deciding not to be influenced by a formal art education, Liz studied Zoology and Botany enjoying the concentration of detailed observation and drawing.


From an early age Liz was involved in theatre, influenced by her ventriloquist father. She gained her Stage Designers and Actors Equity card working with North East Theatre in Aberdeen.

In 1984 she achieved a Post Graduate Diploma from Guildford School of Acting and Dance.


On moving to Manchester to pursue her acting career Liz was influenced by the multicultural area of Old Trafford where she lived to create her quirky people pictures. Frequent visits to North Wales beaches and mountains brought a contrast to the city.


Finding the cottage Purlieknowe took Liz back to the North East of Scotland and the best views of the fishing village of Catterline. As well as creating her art work Liz promoted her professional writing and acting skills by being a founder member of WAC, The Writers and Actors Co-operation in Aberdeen.


Life was too quiet! Liz moved back to her London roots and to showing her work on line and on Sundays on the Bayswater Road. Working with Apprentices at the V&A gave the opportunity to visit many galleries and cultural sites in the city.


Liz has had work shown in Pitch 78 Bayswater Road Artists; Soroptimists, Ewell; Tadworth Children's Trust; Sutton Arts Council; The White House, Cheam; The Milton Gallery, Banchory; Meffan Gallery, Forfar; Peacock Arts, Aberdeen; Edinburgh Festival Fringe; Vernon Mill, Stockport; Set Design for Green Light Theatre, Manchester; Old Trafford Artists Exhibition; Actor’s Centre Manchester; New Harvest Theatre Company; Syndicate Theatre Company; Guildford School of Acting; North East Theatre Aberdeen.



One person’s look at life through visual images.

Every picture has a story.


2010 - present
2010 - present

Liz completed a Post Graduate Diploma at Guildford School of Acting and Dance.


Acting credits include Coronation Street and Undercover Customs for Granada Television, and The Voysey Inheritance at the Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester.

She has performed in and designed the set for the production of When the Wind Blows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and in the Imperial War Museum North.

Her company, Green Light Theatre, has perfomed Dinner Theatre and toured shows on Environmental Themes to family audiences. 






Plays for Adult Audiences

Most plays have been successful performed after being honed by actors in rehearsal

Miss Robbins Retires                          

A respected lecturer, about to start on the excitement of a new life, finds her reputation destroyed. One Act. 3F              

Just Looking                                       

A beautiful girl, a disabled boy and they can’t stop staring at each other. From different worlds they share the excitement of the world of Karting.  2 Act 2M 3F

Ellen Terry, Three Scenes

The life of the Victorian actress shown through her interaction with friends, family and the people she worked with. 3 Act 3M 4F with doubling.

Summer Storm

A woman on her own. She leaves the night club and her partner and goes home walking and by taxi. She sees shadows and images everywhere in the dark and wind, nothing is as it should be. TV 15 mins 2M 1F                               

Greenham Common

The women at the Common share their ideals but their actions cause havoc with family relationships. Research by visits to the women at the Common and written through improvisation


Dinner Theatre

Lilies and Carnations (Self Published   ISBN 0-9527604-1-x)    

Set in the reception area of a small hotel where two weddings and a funeral are taking place. Marjory’s only help is the part time D. J …. then there is the man. 2 Act 3M 3F                                                                                         

Perkins Promotion

Perkins is the perfect commissionaire looking after the ladies of the post room. But he is promoted and everything changes. 2 Act 2M 3F               

Huddlestone’s Thaw                                                    

The village of Huddlestone is putting on a community play to celebrate the reopening of the chapel as an arts centre. The play commemorates the brave actions of Miles Traveller in the winter of 1947. 2 Act 3M 3F   


Murder Mystery                                                      

Deacon’s Dance

The lighting of the Beacon at Halloween is the highlight of the year’s activities for the ‘Fraternity’. But last year the event was over shadowed by the death of the Grand Wizard. Now they have to appoint a new one. 1 Act 3M 3F                          

Budd’s Burning Question                                                                                

Building development in a beautiful valley opens old family conflicts. Budd holds a Bar B Q to celebrate the completion of his swimming pool and invites the neighbours to attend with disastrous results. 2 Act 3M 3F    

Mayhem at the Magpie

The hotel is organising the funeral of the housekeeper. Her untimely death leads to suspicion falling on the rest of the hotel staff, every one has a motive, everyone could be guilty. The mystery is only solved with the help of one of the guests. 2 Act 3M 3F     


Environmental Plays for Children and Family Audiences.

Touring in the North West of England with Green Light Theatre, supported by funding from English Nature, Groundwork Trust in Salford, Trafford and Stalybridge and by the Association of Greater Manchester Authorities.

The Plumber of Bath   

Our Roman Plumber tries to introduce water in to the home of reluctant Britains. 2 Act 3M 2F

Friends of Matty’s Oak                                                                                    

Matty’s Oak is woken every fifty years when it faces a new man made danger. 2 Act 3M 3F

Polly and the Penguin                                                                                       
The trials of a penguin brought from Antarctica as a publicity stunt. 1 Act 2M 3F

Phyllis, the Frog and the Flea                                                                         

Our Frog’s pond is threatened by the building of a new road. 2 Act 2M 3F          



Liz and Freya’s Guide to the Fringe. (Self Published ’96  ISBN 0-9527604-0-1)

How to enjoy the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for the first time as a performer or audience. Cutting through the abundance of information to help you find shows, food and pubs.


Tutor for New Writing - Manchester Women’s Week – One Day Course

Partners of Prisoners – 10 weekly sessions leading to readings

Oldham College BTec, Writing and Devising


Playnights – writers and actors reading new work, organised for WAC Aberdeen and Theatre Writers Union, Manchester.


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